Pastoral Reference

is applying to attend an Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry. We would appreciate your candid assessment of this individual’s character qualities and spiritual gifting. Your comments are important. Please return this character reference directly to the student in a sealed envelope, or email directly to
3. Is the applicant a member of your church?

4. How would you evaluate the applicant in the following areas?
(5 = strongest and 1 = weakest)

Mournful over sin
Gentle; meek
Seeks to do things God’s way
Pure in heart
Heart for the lost
Cares for others
Overall Spiritual Maturity
7. Would you send someone “in need” to this person for prayer ministry?
8. Are you willing to commit to supporting this student with pastoral counseling in the need arises during the course of their attendance at this school?
9. Do you know this student well as a spiritual leader in a pastoral role, aware of their spiritual condition and have a relationship in which you can hold this student accountable?
10. Do you recommend this person for attendance at this Elijah House facilitated school?
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