Baal Divorce




The court is now in session in the Highest Court of the Kingdom of God



   ( Person, Place or Thing )             , all son’s and daughter’s of God in our Book of Life,  inheritances,  possessions,  blessings,  wealth,  time,  scrolls,  harvests, mantels,  doors,  windows,  belief systems,  houses,  lands,  priestly garments,   seeds,  prophecies, storehouses,  keys, gifts of the Spirit, callings, talents, ministries,  businesses, generational lines, prayers, spirit, soul, flesh, offerings and the Cloud of Witnesses working in and through our Book of Life.

We call those as Plaintiffs in this matter


THE PRINCIPALITY OF BAAL and all principalities working directly or indirectly with this prince of demons, powers and rulers of darkness, freemasonry, blood covenants, authorities, spiritual wickedness, high places, dominions, elders, stars, curses, generation curses, iniquity and sin and everything unholy and not of God who are working directly or in directly with the principality of Baal and all principalities working directly or indirectly with this prince of demons.

We call those as 

Defendant in this matter

                             DECREE OF DIVORCE



On        (Date)          , this matter comes on for hearing before the Supreme Judge of the Highest Court of the Kingdom of God on the petition of all those named as Plaintiff’s in this matter seeking a Decree of Divorce from the Principality of Baal and all principalities working directly or indirectly with this prince of demons and all those named as Defendants in this matter.

The Court finds:

  1. The Plaintiff’s assertions are fully substantiated:
  1. That these marriages, agreements and covenants were entered into by the Plaintiff’s based on lies and deceit by the Defendant’s, and
    1. That Plaintiff’s relied on fraudulent inducements and enticements by the Defendant’s, which Defendant’s had neither the intention nor ability to deliver.
  • The Plaintiff’s renounces any and all right, claim or interest in any possession jointly acquired with the Defendant’s during these marriages, agreements and covenants and that Plaintiffs are entitled to have sole right, claim, and interest, in and to all the gifts, possessions and inheritance from Plaintiff’s Father, and Defendants are to be and forever barred from the title, control, or use of any such gifts, possessions or inheritances.
  • That all offspring of these marriages, agreements and covenants have been still born or have had viability for only brief periods and were either destroyed by the Defendant’s or were so infected by sickness attributed to the Defendant’s condition that no life remained in them.
  • The Plaintiff’s repudiates any and all joint claims with the Defendant’s, and requests this Court to sever all relationships with the Defendants of any nature, however and whenever such occurred, and seeks enforcement by this Court of Plaintiff’s desire to be known by no other name than that given by Plaintiff’s Father.
  • The Plaintiff’s also seeks an everlasting restraining order against the Defendant’s so as to keep the Defendant’s away from all persons or property belonging to the Plaintiff’s.

The court taking into consideration the Defendant’s response and cross examination the Plaintiff’s now submits into evidence the Blood of Jesus.

The Plaintiff’s rebuttal is as follows, the Blood of Jesus has justified us by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of the Lord “Whom the Son has set free is free indeed”. The Blood of Jesus cries out through all of Heaven “Hallelujah to the Lamb of God” “Worthy is the Lamb of God”. We bring to your remembrance the Blood of your Son and we plead the Blood of Jesus on Defendant’s Response’s and separate those responses from us. We stand before Heaven and earth justified by the Blood of the Lamb. We come out of agreement with defendant’s and into agreement with the Word of the Lord, washed and covered in the Blood of Jesus.


WHEREFORE, this Court being fully advised in the evidence does find for the Plaintiff’s and against the Defendant’s in all matter’s material to the Plaintiff’s Petition of Divorce, and does by this decree grant the Plaintiff’s a Divorce and all requests set forth above.

That being the Order of this Court, from and after this date, so shall it be.


The Great “I AM” the Alpha and Omega the First and the Last in Jesus precious Blood and Name we pray Amen.


Through the finding of the Court for the Plaintiff’s, the Plaintiff’s now makes the following Decree:

On      (Date)            , We the Plaintiff’s do hereby decree on behalf of my family and all those named as Plaintiff’s in this matter and our future generations that:

  1. We no longer have any ties with Baal-hamon and all Defendant’s named in this matter. We are Tithers and Givers and therefore we are rightful heirs to the Great Transfer of Wealth to the Church.
  • We no longer have any ties with Baal-berith and all Defendant’s in this matter. We are now free to choose to remarry Jehovah, the only true God, and be in an everlasting covenant and relationship with Him. We seal these marriages, agreements and covenants with the Blood of Jesus and place the marriages, agreements and covenants in the right hand of Father.
  • We reclaim our sexual innocence and purity. We walk in holiness and we reject every form of sexual perversion, homosexuality, and sexual immorality.
  • We are for the next generation. We are for the Unborn’s Right to Life. We will pray and support the next generation to see God’s covenantal purposes fulfilled in them.
  • We will walk in the Fear of the Lord and the Seven Spirits of God. We will call back our giftings and callings for the Kingdom of God. We will Love and pray for all of Gods children’s as ourselves. We will love the Lord thy God with all our hearts and mind.
  • That we will carry the Heart of the Father in us. We will walk in the Melkizatak anointing in Spirit and Truth. We will walk in a purified by the Blood of Jesus belief system.
  • We no longer have any ties with the defendant’s in this matter that have any form of witchcraft and occult spirits.


(Signature)                                                                   (Date)

In Jesus Christ is precious blood and name we prey.