Writ of Assistance



The court is now in session in the Highest Court of the Kingdom of God


     (What you are praying for)          , and everyone in their Book of Life and their generational line from when time began to the present and all Plaintiffs court cases held this day.

We call those as Plaintiffs in this matter,


THE PRINCIPALITY OF BAAL and all those named as Defendants in all court cases held this day.


This matter comes before this Court seeking enforcement of its prior decisions in favor of all Plaintiffs in this matter.

Accordingly, The Court Finds:

  1. All Plaintiffs in these matters have sought and obtained from the Court a Decree of Divorces wherein the Plaintiff was found to be entitled to have sole right, claim, and interest, in and to all gifts,  possessions and inheritances from Plaintiffs’ Father and Defendants was forever banned from the title, control or use of such gifts, possessions or inheritance. (Psalm24:1) (Psalm 115:16)
  • All Plaintiffs have committed, and do continue to affirm their commitment, to avoid any contact or participation with the Principality of Baal and all Defendant’s in this matter and its vast extensions, and to be trustworthy in the use of the gifts, possessions and inheritance to which they are entitled.
  • All Plaintiffs are entitled to the blessings of Abraham, (Galatians 3:13-14) and are entrusted with those blessings to be a blessing in the earth (Genesis 12:2-3). This Court holds that the blessings of the Plaintiffs’ Father are to make the Plaintiffs truly rich and He intends no sorrow or toiling to be added to it. (Proverbs 10:22) Additionally, this Court finds the wealth accumulated by those following the Defendant’s practices lawfully belong to the Plaintiffs in this matter remaining in right standing with this Court. (Proverbs 13:22) (1John 3:8)
  • In addition to this Court’s Decree of Divorce entered against the Principality of Baal and all Defendant’s in this manner in favor of The Plaintiffs in this matter, this Court finds that previous proclamations of this Court support the issuance of this Writ of Assistance, including the following:
  1. The thief must repay sevenfold, and must give all the substance of his house; (Proverbs 6:30-31). He must restore seven times what he has taken.
  • The wicked man, though he piles up silver and has plentiful garments, the just will wear them and the innocent will divide the silver. (See Job 27:13-17)
  • The Plaintiffs’ inheritance is from the Father who purposed only that His House be filled with splendor because the silver is His, and the gold is His and it is to His House that He grants peace and prosperity (See Haggai 2:7-9)
  • It is the Will of The Father that the Plaintiffs in this matter alone receive the “treasures of darkness and the hidden wealth of secret places.” (Isaiah 45:2-3)
  • While the Defendant’s claims as his own vast possessions, this Court has ruled, and does here again rule that “He who by charging excessive interest and who by unjust efforts gets gain and increases his material possessions gathers it for those who are kind and generous to the poor”, the Plaintiffs here. (Proverbs 28:8) While the Defendants has gathered it, this Court rules “he must give it” to The Plaintiff’s in this matter who are “good in God’s sight.” (Ecclesiastes 2:26)

The Highest Court having fully considered the Plaintiffs’ plea for a Writ of Assistance to enforce its prior rulings and proclamations, and finding the request timely made, does this day issue this Writ of Assistance on behalf of The Plaintiffs in this matter:

  1. Giving the Plaintiffs in this matter this day power to gain wealth to confirm this Court’s covenant to their fathers. (Deuteronomy 8:18)
  • Ordering that all those empowered by this Court to enforce its rulings and proclamations forthwith grant full assistance in the transfer of all wealth, possessions, properties, and gifts belonging to the Plaintiffs in this matter, to employ the Power and Might of this Highest Court to perform this Word, calling into obedience all enforcement authorities to continue in this transfer until it is fully completed and the Plaintiffs in this matter are in unchallenged possession. (Psalm 103:19-21) This Writ extends to all the extensions and manifestations of the Principality of Baal and all those named as Defendants in this matter, however named or designated, known or hidden, and however related to this Prince of Demons. (Matthew 12:24)

It is the unlimited authorization of this Writ to bind this strongman and the entire house over which he has rule, to authorize the carrying off of all property in his possession or delegated under him to any part of his principality or in any way related to him, and to plunder his house. (Matthew 12:29)

Therefore, let the Writ issue, and from this order there shall be no appeal.


The Great “I AM” the Alpha and Omega the First and the Last in Jesus precious BLOOD and name we pray AMEN.